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Nutrition Help 101
Brandi Yeargain

All About Me!

 Recently I have become very interested in Nutrition. It all started when I was around 12 and nobody knew I was lactose intolerant. I went through some horrible pain for awhile before we realized at 20 that I was in fact lactose intolerant. Staying away from dairy seemed to work for awhile but there are times when you get a hold of it and don't know it! So I started taking lactaid pills with me where ever I went. Needless to say this was a pain in the rear!

A few months ago I began having digestive issues again...even when I wasn't eating dairy. After seeing the doctor and talking to a gastroenteroligst they decided I also had IBS which isn't really all that uncommon when you have someone who already has digestive issues.

To add the final topper on my cake I also have quite a few Anxiety issues, which just make my stomach problem worse! So here I am a woman who refuses to take pills for anything but really needs to fix the problems I do have.

I plan to fix it with food and natural remedies as opposed to prescription medicines! Thank you so much for visiting my page and I can't wait to hear for everyone.